lördag 5 januari 2013

Citigroup i Wall Street Journal

Citigroup Inc is planning to ask regulators for permission to buy back a "minimal" number of shares, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.
The bank is not planning to ask to increase its quarterly dividend, which is currently a penny a share, the newspaper reported, citing people familiar with the company's plans.
Citigroup Chairman Michael O'Neill and newly installed CEO Michael Corbat have told company executives that the capital plan the company submits to the Federal Reserve must be so conservative that it will not be rejected, the Journal said.
Big banks are due to submit their capital plans to the Fed on Monday.
Another bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co , has reason to be "cautiously optimistic" about its chances of winning approval to raise its dividend and buy back more stock, an official who asked not to be named told Reuters.
In November, JPMorgan won approval from the Fed to resume previously approved buybacks it had suspended in May after a multibillion-dollar loss surfaced on derivatives transactions in its London office. JPMorgan's operations have generated more than enough capital to cover those losses.
The Journal reported that Morgan Stanley will focus its plan for the Fed on using its capital to complete its purchase of Citigroup's minority stake of a joint venture the two companies have in a wealth-management business. A spokesman for the investment bank was not immediately available for comment.
Citigroup's last annual plan was rejected by the Fed in March after former CEO Vikram Pandit led analysts and investors to believe the company would be allowed to spend a few billion dollars on share buybacks and additional dividends. The rejection became a major embarrassment for the bank and contributed to the board's decision to replace Pandit".

(Reporting by David Henry in New York; Editing by Gary Hill)

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Trevlig helg!

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  1. Vad heter citigroup tickern, och vad hade du för inköpspris?

    En glad amatör

  2. Trevligt! Cnbc.com skriver endel om Citi och andra banker. Alla tickers finns i texterna.

  3. Skulle du vilja delge din bevakningslista? Tack på förhand---

  4. Hej!

    Har länge varit intresserad utav och köpa Citigroup aktien men har inte köpt på mig än. Hade fundering på om jag skulle köpa nu under januari. Den har ju stigit ganska bra i kurs under senaste tiden, men jag börjar fundera på om det för sent att köpa nu? Vad tror du?
    Hur tror du Citigroup kommer påverkas utav budgetoron i USA framöver?


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